Since launching our first album back in 2003, various sections of the media have commented, good and bad, about Johnny Poindexter. Here we'll list some of the quotes and achievements of the band.

"Post rock poncery can be a bigger turn off than a hairy back, which is why Johnny Poindexter must be something special... Dark and atmospheric, using a singer as an instrument, rather than a star, they paint soundscapes to raise all aforementioned hairs, then knock the breath out of you"
Kate Wellham, The Fly

"The album is more of an experience, something that has to be worked through but the listener is richer for it at the end... it is music with a strange, dark quality to it"
Kev Rowland, Feedback Fanzine (April 2005)

"Now this is superb, dark maybe but superb all the same"
Mark, (March 2005)

"Johnny Poindexter rely on atmospheric music, much like Hope of the States. The EP is good and I'm sure that they will only get better"
Nikki, Rock Pulse

"The band have great potential. They have a cool sound and with this EP, take some steps toward providing it. The only thing missing is the confidence to make 10 minute swirling epics from what they have, as the songs thoroughly deserve to be longer."
Paul Priest, Raw Nerve Promotions

"The quality displayed is unquestionable and JP will no doubt evolve and improve as any band with this many creative thoughts and designs couldn't possibly fail to do, without being extremely lazy of course"
Chris Hutcheon, Sandman Magazine (March 2005)

"Four solemn tracks of grey landscapes, bits of random plastic blowing on barbed wire fences and rain soaked winter roads... This is Johnny Poindexter's world. Inspired by the likes of Mogwai, with a good slice of electronica, it's perfect for a quiet night in lying on your bed"
Richard Garnett, Leeds Music Scene (Feb. 2005)

"Like fellow Yorkshire dwellers Hood their music is both melancholy and highly experimental yet somewhere in between they produce songs which are compelling and original (4/5)"
Jon, Leonard's Lair (Feb. 2005)

"if you prefer your music a little more challenging, a little more
atmospheric and with a little more depth, you’ve got the right record."
Vibrations Magazine

"It’s getting there though and this is very, very promising material."
JR, Manchester (Feb 2005)

"Johnny Poindexter don't waste a single line, effect or chord. My only worries for them are whether this EP merely the result of some ridiculously visionary studiobound skills or whether they can actually play this stuff live"
Kate Wellham, The Music Guru (Feb 2005)

"The music of Johnny Poindexter may not be classed as 'upbeat' and 'full of joy' but it is rather good"
Jem Jedrzejewski, Hairless Heart Herald (Jan 2005)

"A Breathtaking EP"
Skif, Vanity Project (Jan 2005)

"Brooding, bulletproof and oh so British, burgeoning quintet Johnny Poindexter are the missing link between Echo and the Bunnymen's dulcet romanticism and Muse's over-the-top theatrics; swirling atmospherics drown out the vocals, which are drawn from a host of vocalists in a sea of magnificent melodrama"
Jason Jackowiak, Splendid eZine (Dec. 2004)

"I like the name.
I like the cute stick man drawing.
I rather like this band.
A damn interesting piece of work for the fans of more down beat, arty music."
Paul Priest, Raw Nerve Promotions

"JP's main strength is the way in which their lengthy, moody songs can combine so many sounds. 'We Meet By Accident' contains a huge distorted guitar riff... 'Place Your Trust In Empty Spaces' sounds like Joy Division, very dark, bass-led and with harsh vocals, only with the song length doubled by playing it at half speed (miraculously, this works)... 'Madeline', with the trebly guitars, nice twinkly noises and harmonised vocals create a perfect ending"
Tom Goodhand, Sandman Magazine

"But, like the new kid in school, Johnny Poindexter seems a little unsure, a little unsteady on his feet yet with a certain je n'ai sais something that sets him and apart. He looks the part, he walks the part and he sure as hell talks the talk to get the part"
Andy Buchan from Leeds Music Scene (Sept. 2004)

"Taking off with 'We Meet By Accident' that's all tight and fraught, very wired until it ex and implodes into some pretty stunning guitar blasts... 'Place Your Trust In Empty Spaces'... is pretty much like a Germanic take on Sigur Rós... 'Empty Shores on Desolate Beaches'... intriguing and more than a little lovely... the scary 'Madeline' with its glockenspieling, light percussion and chimes... Good stuff"
Unpeeled fanzine (Sept. 2004)

"The music is nigh on impossible to categorise... but one fictitious Norwich radio presenter, if asked to comment on Johnny Poindexter, would be sure to thrust his fist in the air and shout 'Jurassic Park' triumphantly"
Jem Jedrzejewski from Hairless Heart Herald. (Sept. 2004)

"Perfect floating panoramic paranoia... Ghostly angel chorus vocals interlaced with subtle background guitars"
Ray Stanbrook, Whisperin' and Hollerin' website on 'Madeline'.