This is the Links page.
Johnny Poindexter would also like to direct your attention to these selected sites....

Other bands we very much enjoy...

Sigur Rós: the greatest live band on earth

Mogwai: always a reference point...

Um like whatever

Levez vos skinny fists comme antennas to heaven!

Another quality Baildon band and friends of ours

friends of ours from Leeds

a band from Lincoln. they play music. you listen to their music. you are entertained.

Iceland's most famous export

Tool: Lateralus. Serious.

Local band, very good.

Soulwax: Belgium's premier electro rockers

Small deaths are the saddest

Dear catastrophe waitress...

Stafrænn Hákon: a one man post rock extravaganza

There's an elevator...

England's answer to Rage Against The Machine- but funkier.

Other sites of interest...

Ah, Mr. Hicks...

Britain's finest artist


Simon's favourite label

Stream one of the finest pieces of political humour ever

Check out the local scene

Quality webzine/ fanzine which hosts some of our music

Mark Thomas

for all your free thinking smarty pants literature/ cool t-shirts

Local magazine that is really rather good