About the band

Johnny Poindexter started to make music in the year 2001. The band was then comprised of three members, no drummer and some very primitive recording equipment. Thankfully Johnny Poindexter is now somewhere bigger, somewhere brighter.

After a few years' worth of messing around in bedrooms and recording whatever idea that came, Andy Harvey came onboard to play drums, and a year-or-so later, Jamie Sidebottom joined the band as the singer. Tom Ragsdale joined the band in Autumn 2005, and
Leon Spencer was added to Johnny Poindexter after original bassist Nigel decided to further his career in London.

Johnny Poindexter's music is often described as bleak, bold, beautiful, and anything inbetween. Safe to say, you won't find it down the disco. Melding ideas from post-rock to electronica and beyond, Johnny Poindexter as a group make some pretty weird tunes. Good ones though.